Credit Repair Bad Credit Rating Can’t Get Credit? We Can Repair Your Credit File

Have you been knocked back on a loan application? Have you been approved on a loan but they insist you pay really high interest rates? The chances are your credit file has defaults marked against it.

Do you have a bad credit rating? We can fix your credit file from as little as $990 including GST.

Our Credit Repair process deals with the removal of unfair, disputable & contestable listings from credit reports. Every single day defaults are placed against Australians credit files illegally. We tackle these issues head on.

When you apply for any type of credit including credit cards, personal loans, car loans or a home loan your credit report is almost always checked. Your credit report is a basic history of your past financial activity and is one of the main factors in determining whether or not you get approved and at what interest rate.

A credit report generally contains information such as; current and previous addresses, employment history, current employment, credit applications, defaults (overdue accounts), court judgments, clear-outs, crossed or linked files, name changes and bankruptcy history etc.

When you make these enquiries or applications for credit, even a mobile phone on a contract or apply for an interest free store offer, chances are your details have been given to a credit reporting agency like Veda.

Did you know there are close to 15 million credit files in Australia, these contain around 4 million negative listings (Source Veda Advantage).

Some credit providers and credit reporting agencies may deny it but these unfair, disputable and contestable listings do happen, and at Insolvency Professionals we know how to have these legally removed T: 0417 629828.

The benefits of Insolvency Professionals credit repair process include:

Removal of negative listings can result in instant loan approval.
Reducing high interest rates.
Reducing upfront and ongoing fees.
Reducing repayment amounts.
Saving you money in some cases thousands of dollars over a loan term.

We will have unfair, disputable and contestable credit default information removed from your credit report. Removals include:

Overdue accounts
Court listings
Crossed or linked files
Multiple identities

If you believe you may have become a victim of a bad credit report and now require credit repair you need to contact Insolvency Professionals to discuss of credit repair service T: 0417 629828.

Please note that in most cases we can act very fast to have your credit history cleared up, however there are some cases when we will need to engage the services of our legal division from Stone Group Lawyers.

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