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Insolvency Professionals are a Brisbane based insolvency consultancy....
A bankruptcy can commence either through a Debtors Petition or a Creditors Petition...
Liquidation is fundamentally the process of ending a company’s existence, the liquefaction of its....
Secured creditors retain their right to exercise securities over assets, however any shortfalls...
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Insolvency Professionals Insolvency Bankruptcy Specialists

Are you dealing with mounting debt problems including credit card debt, business loans, tax debt and other financial stress?

- Stop harassing phone calls
- Answer creditor mail
- Save your business

We understand that going through any financial hardship can be a trying time for any individual or business owner. We can help you deal with debt related issues including personal bankruptcy, insolvency and liquidation problems. Start navigating your way to financial freedom by contacting us for an obligation free consultation.

Insolvency and Bankruptcy Advice for Business Owners
Insolvency Professionals are dedicated to helping business owners recover by disabling solvency issues and unforeseen financial troubles. If you are trying to deal with debt, liquidation, bankruptcy or financial stress call or email for free advice on where to start.

- Voluntary Administration
- Director Liability
- s509 of the Corporations Act
- Director’s penalty notice for the company’s tax debt

Insolvency and Bankruptcy Advice for Individuals
We care about your personal circumstances and use proven strategies tailored to your individual needs. We give you advise using a holistic approach to restructuring your finances, assets and payments for the best possible outcome for you and your creditors.

- Personal Insolvency Agreements
- Section 73 Proposals, Part 9, Part 10, DOCA’s
- Personal Liquidations
- Bankruptcy

Why Choose Us?
Insolvency Professionals are a team of dedicated insolvency specialists headed up by Irish Bentley Lawyers Brisbane. We work diligently on delivering great results for our clients by practicing high levels of ethics when dealing with all bankruptcy and insolvency related issues.

1. We always put you first.
2. We provide you with all the facts to enable you to make good decisions.
3. We will not hit you with hidden bills and outlay costs down the track.
4. We work with you, your lawyers and accountants, providing practical advice and solutions for the safety of your financial future.
5. We offer national coverage for Corporate and Personal Liquidations in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and now Darwin and Cairns.

Contact our Insolvency Professional team for an obligation free consultation on all our insolvency and bankruptcy related services.

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