Irish Bentley Lawyers The New Face Of Insolvency Professionals

Brisbane Lawyers Irish Bentley are the new face of Insolvency Professionals. You can now rest easy knowing that there is a team of dedicated professionals that are fully qualified in helping and assisting you during troubled times.

Zeke Bentley is excited about the Insolvency Professionals take over, Zeke states this will give us more market saturation in Brisbane and the Gold Coast although we intend on expanding the brand nationally. Irish Bentley Lawyers have always specialised in the insolvency, bankruptcy and restructuring fields but never concentrated on doing it under a specific brand. Our focus is to expand Insolvency Professionals Australian wide with the help of Paul Klerck Australia’s leading SEO and Internet Marketing Guru’s.

We firmly believe the whole Insolvency bankruptcy industry needs and complete shake up and clean up, people are vulnerable during times of financial hardship so it is important that they get given the right advice, help and support. We know that we have the right skills, knowledge and ethics to do right by our clients during insolvency related matters.

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