Considering bankruptcy know the facts not the fiction before decide

Make no mistake since the GFC the rate of global bankruptcy and insolvency cases has sky rocketed and during this period a new type of business has evolved a business that is not regulated a business that can be started by any person that makes claims of expertise, but be warned if you are considering bankruptcy then know the facts all the facts and disregard the fiction surrounding bankruptcy.

Insolvency Professionals is an insolvency bankruptcy consulting business that prides itself on helping its clients remain solvent and free from bankruptcy whilst other operators are keen to have you sign your life and potential future away. We know the laws we know how to negotiate with creditors and we pride ourselves on keeping the wolves from the door.

Zeke Bentley of Irish Bentley Lawyers Brisbane now heads up Insolvency Professionals in a hope of cleaning up an industry that has gone wild with rogue operators. We first witnessed this throughout the US and the UK and now this type of conduct is fast becoming a moral decay issue throughout Australia.

Filing for bankruptcy can be devastating to the bankrupt and families the fallout is not only financial but also emotional. If financial pressure and stress is costing your more than your sanity please contact Insolvency Professionals today onĀ (07) 3891 3333. We are to help you through delivering all the facts not the fiction when your going to consider bankruptcy.

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