Liquidations, Insolvency and Bankruptcy – Who are you really dealing with?

Are you needing some really good solid advice when it comes to liquidation or bankruptcy? We can help, it is really important to know who you are dealing with, the liquidation and bankruptcy industry across Australia is not regulated so with this in mind whats the real deal?

Recently we have witnessed some horror stories of rip offs and scamming by shady operators within the liquidations and bankruptcy industry. You will even find operators that have created their very own associations so to appear to represent credibility around their business brand. Be warned these associations provide nothing more than smoke and mirrors and a false sense of hope.

The other signs to look out for are insolvency practitioners that appear to operate a national and or International operation by setting up service office addresses on their websites. The reality is these guys are back seat operators that’s right they operate out of their motor cars. When you speak to them you will be told that you are talking to a partner of a national and International insolvency firm but the reality is what you are being told is all false misleading and total BS.

Now that we have cleared up the illusion of shonky insolvency business operators, we are more than happy to provide all our clients with good solid insolvency advice that makes great sense to save you dollars. We will not have you sign service agreements that have lots of small print or service agreements that sign over your assets, your rights or powers. We operate above the board not below the table.

For real solid insolvency advice and bankruptcy help give us a try Insolvency Professionals, when real results matter we care.


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