Credit Card Debt The Dirty Facts Revealed – Credit Card Debt Help

Do you have bad Credit Card Debt?

We can help you eliminate it.

Here’s why the banks and credit card companies keep extending you lines of credit, it is down right criminal.

The Dirty Filthy Facts On Credit Cards Revealed; Did you know A credit card debt of $10,000 at 18.5% pa will take 62 years and 8 months to repay based on the minimum monthly repayment of 2% per annum.

Did you know that money problems are one of the leading causes of personal stress, depression and relationship breakdowns?

Over on third of Australian couples have admitted to having money problems.

So what can you do if credit card debt is taking over your life? Remain calm and help is closer than you think, Insolvency Professionals can help by negotiating a new arrangement with your credit card company on interest or a lower lump sum payout in some cases we have saved our clients up to 80%.

The other way around credit card debt is debt consolidation it is an easy, cost effective way to bring all your debts (including credit card debts) together into one payment that you can remain disciplined in paying. Unlike other insolvency and financial assistance companies, we know that everyone’s situation is unique and different. We understand what you are experiencing can be hard and stress related so we are careful to treat you with the sensitivity your situation deserves. If you have bad credit or if you are struggling to pay your credit card debt, then credit card negotiation or debt consolidation may be the best solution for your situation.

Insolvency Professionals Help By:
Eliminating your credit card debt(s)
Helping you take back financial control of your credit card(s)
Saving you money on interest payments
Negotiating lower interest repayments or Reduced lump sum payouts
Make one payment instead of several
Providing tips to reduce your current Credit Card Debt

Stop being a slave to credit card debt we provide Financial Freedom Through Debt Consolidation

Call Insolvency Professionals on 07 3229 4060 to find out more on Debt Consolidation, Credit Card Debt Negotiation or Credit Repairs.

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